Kevin Kelly on possibilianism

Kevin Kelly

Read technologist Kevin Kelly writing about the difference between agnosticism and possibilianism. An excerpt:

Agnostics end with the lack of an answer.
Possibilians begin with the lack of an answer.

Agnostics say, we can't decide between this and that.
Possibilians say, there are other choices than this or that.

Agnostics say, I Don't Know, it's impossible to answer that question.
Possibilians say, I Don't Know, there must be better questions.

Profile in the New Yorker

David Eagleman New Yorker

Read The Possibilian, a profile in The New Yorker about David Eagleman.

New Scientist: Why I am a Possibilian

newscientist Possibilianism in 1000 words? Read David Eagleman's essay Why I am a possibilian in the New Scientist magazine.

Is there a possibilian bible?

Heck no. But there is a mischievous book of fiction which kicked off the movement. Learn more about the ideas behind Sum.

Possibilianism around the world

worldPossibilianism has spread around the globe. Click for articles from the Uganda Daily Monitor or Economic Times of India.

The List Magazine in Scotland writes: "Googling 'possibilian', the position Eagleman invented to explain his belief system, throws up the beginnings of a worldwide movement."